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The Collaborative Process

The Collaborative Law Process offers a way to work through disputes in an efficient, cooperative manner, promoting the use of problem solving techniques. (read more)

Gary Kollmeier

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Collaborative Law is a name that has become synonymous with a special process and strategy used to solve legal and interpersonal disputes, especially in the family law context.

The use of the Collaborative Law Process has become the preferred method of family law dispute resolution as it avoids many tactics that can drive separating parties even farther apart. Traditional litigation takes an immediate toll on individual dignity, and often children suffer the most. The collaborative method is less expensive and emotionally less taxing as it is designed to avoid a vicious and permanent cycle that continues long after the lawsuit is over.

Collaborative Law promotes cooperation, honesty and integrity, and facilitates the future well being of an extended family. Collaborative Law promotes the psychological and continued financial health of the parents and children following divorce. While a marriage or other relationship may be ending, the Collaborative Law process recognizes that relationships and obligations often continue - especially when children are involved. It allows spouses to formulate an agreement that focuses on their most important individual and mutual goals. This process helps all family members move forward in a positive way. While minimizing the fear, anxiety, and animosity that are common in traditional litigation methods, the Collaborative Process promotes and encourages the learning of skills needs to effectively co-parent after the breakup. The parties will able to effectively communicate with each other without recrimination and animosity.

The Collaborative Law Process presents a more humane and respectful choice, a practical solution-oriented alternative to traditional divorce.




Gary Kollmeier
Gary Kollmeier

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